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Practice of disaster prevention education and training that uses disaster prevention resource in region

Kesennuma City has received damage many times because of the tsunami in the past.
and The generation of the tsunami according to Miyagi-ken-oki Earthquake and it is feared.
The resident is high disaster awareness and working on a variety of disaster prevention educations in each elementary and junior high school.
The Kesennuma City disaster prevention education promotion committee is held, and the following approachs are done while getting the specialist's advice.
1.Tsunami field museum system
To use it by the school and even studying home, the Internet site was opened. Following matters can be learnt.
・Mechanism of tsunami generation  etc.
・How to defend oneself at disaster
・Record of past tsunami hazard ,and Measures against tsunami
・Making of digital disaster prevention map
※The original disaster prevention map can be made by taking a picture, taking notes of the photograph with the cellular phone, and doing mail. Can it see with the classmate, and it be confirmed the family at home.
2.Educational training program
The training program for the school personnel is composed.
The school personnel reshuffled to this city also has the unknown thing about a past disaster and the assumed damage. It composes studying a basic content.
3.Disaster prevention education program
Guidance when teacher educates disaster prevention.
The approach cases are published besides the target and the aim corresponding to the school age as referred easily. It is phased composition, and makes the text.
4.Disaster prevention education offer area
In "Karakuwa peninsula Visitor Center" of the Kesennuma city, the person who visited can receive the disaster prevention education.
Not only the child student but also adults can learn disaster prevention.