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Development & Implementation of Systems for the Support of Disaster Prevention Education

Due to tremors and tidal waves caused by earthquakes in the southern ocean, we in Tokushima Prefecture have repeatedly sustained extreme damage. Presently, there is a 60% chance of another quake within the next 30 years, and it is imperative that we prepare for it.
In light of this, we are taking several measures to reinforce our regionfs ability to deal with natural disasters. It is especially important for local residents, schools, fire departments, and other administrative offices to contribute to educating children on disaster prevention.
Therefore, in cooperation with university disaster prevention organizations, we will implement the gDisaster Prevention Education and Support Programh as follows:
Creating Educational Programs for Elementary Schools
Design programs for the youngest elementary school students with a gProtect Yourself from Earthquakesh focus
Undertake support of school staff
Setup a consultation service, periodically handout materials on disaster prevention, and conduct training courses
Initiatives by Tokushima Prefecture
Enact public acknowledgement of outstanding school initiatives, and implement disaster simulations/ presentations at the Disaster Prevention Center, etc.