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Project for Disaster Prevention Education: Project for Disaster Prevention Utilizing Survivorfs Experiences & Geopark Utilization Project

This project was implemented by a promotion committee that consists of members from the Shimabara City Office, Shimabara City Education Committee, Kyushu University research facility, and the Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Foundation. We have worked to form a new system utilizing the geopark for disaster prevention education, with consideration given to the concerns of teachers, students, and residents. The system comprises the following three plans:
1DProduction of a handbook that both teachers and students can learn from, for use in teacher training and the production of geopark pamphlets, etc.
2DTraining curriculum for teachers, with a focus on the promotion of disaster prevention education.
3DThe gGeosites in Our School Districth program: ggeositesh means geological sites from which learn the areafs history and its geological attributes, etc. The program also contributes to enhancing understanding of local resources and disaster prevention/reconstruction, etc.
œEach Topic and Outcomes
1. Production of Education for ST-related Disaster Prevention materials:@In 2009, produced a handbook with a special focus to passing on experiences related to volcanic disasters that occurred in the Mt. Unzen area, with plans to upgrade it in 2010, for use in the Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall education program.
2. Implementation of Training Curriculum for Teachers, etc.:@In 2009, training for new teacher was conducted and local residents were lectured on disaster prevention. The training was upgraded through the utilization of outdoor education in 2010. The curriculum was refined to enable teachers to acquire more specialized knowledge.
3DDevelopment & Implementation of Practical Disaster Prevention Education: New geosites up to 2 km away from the school were uncovered and utilized as teaching materials for the gGeosites in Our School Districth program. Students developed an understanding of the history of land and nature at geosites, and learned about past disasters in the area as well as protective measures for future disasters. The program was implemented as a model case at two schools in 2009. Efforts were also dedicated to the programfs city-wide diffusion in all schools.