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Project for the Development of the Future Instructors in Disaster Prevention and Environmental Education

Miyakejima, as part of the Izu archipelago, is known as an active volcano island. Four eruptions have occurred in the 20th century. During the year 2000 eruption, everybody was forced to evacuate the island and live elsewhere for more than four years.
In 2005, people began returning to the island as continuous toxic gas emissions emanated from the summit crater.
As volcanic eruptions are expected in the near future, activities for volcano disaster prevention are a pressing issue on Miyakejima.
Disaster prevention educational programs are provided in high schools; however, this particular activity is insufficient because most islanders are not involved. Therefore, we produced a field guide brochure to explain the Miyakejima volcano, and distributed brochures throughout the island.
Through our two-year project, many who were uninterested in disaster prevention realized its importance. In addition, our activities have cultivated future instructors of disaster prevention education.
1DProducing course materials for disaster prevention education
A Field guide brochure was prepared for long-term enjoyable learning on the Miyakejima volcano. Brochures were distributed to various organizations such as schools, libraries, the tourist association, bed & breakfasts, and public offices.
2DDevelopment & implementation of training curriculum for school personnel
Training curricula were developed for Miyake high school as a model school. It is composed of a field trip to various volcano sites and lectures by specialists such as JMA staff and university professors. The field trip was conducted in association with the JMA, village offices, etc.
3DDevelopment & implementation of a practical disaster prevention course program
A course program on disaster prevention was developed for Miyake high school. It consists of field work and classroom studies. Also, select high school students developed their own course program for an elementary school, to which they presented a successful classroom lecture