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Formation of Network for Volcanic Disaster Prevention Education through the Utilization of Satellites

We aimed at the development of practical educational programs for disaster prevention that utilize instructional materials on disaster-related science and technology. The effect on clients was evaluated through follow-up reviews and applied to revisions for the program. Efforts were also made to design and utilize the educational network for disaster prevention based on the gsatellite.h
The satellites to which the program was applied were the Sobetsu Junior High School, the Kami-Furano Primary School and Toyako-Onsen Primary School in Hokkaido. Instructional materials such as model experiments of volcanic mud-flow were effectively employed there. Adult education that utilizes scientific resources related to volcanic disasters was organized by the NPO Co. Crisis & Environment Management Policy Institute, and their effects were evaluated. The educational program featuring the transfer of scientific resources from the Internet linked to the ESPALM (Earth Surface processes and Land Management) laboratory database was set up.
Research materials were transferred by graduate students from the ESPLM laboratory as a training course for postgraduate education. A database to process these research materials was constructed.